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Let's Talk About Sex #9 - Playdoh Genitalia

My lecture on reproductive anatomy is always a student favorite. Mostly this is because of the Playdoh I bring in for them design genitalia. They laugh while they create and I love to look at the final results (take a look below for more). A couple of things I find interesting in looking at their creations: they usually create genitalia that is sexually aroused - there are hardly ever any limp penises or non-swollen vulvas. In addition, students who construct penises usually make them circumcised, rather than uncircumcised. We talk about their designs and the reasons they designed them the way they did. Lots of learning and laughing = a win-win in the classroom!

Some students like to get graphic about how the anatomy functions!

***** A big shoutout to my T.A., Kat Konefsky, for all these amazing photos!

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