Let's Talk About Sex #4: Recycled Placentas?

Students have lots of questions about pregnancy - how everything works, what it feels like, and how much weight a woman gains. While they have heard of placentas, few know much about them. You can imagine their surprise when I bring in one of my placentas for show & tell (yep, I saved them). While a handful of students are usually disgusted, the majority of them appreciate seeing what a placenta actually looks like. Today's question is about the placenta, so let's get right to it! I would never have guessed anyone would think placentas could be used over and over. But as I thought more about it, I can see why they might. Many students don't know that placenta "expulsion" begins shortly after

Let's Talk About Sex #3: Cum & Go

I got a little distracted when I started thinking about answering today's question. A few years ago I was speaking at a university in the midwest and I stopped at a Kum & Go convenience store. I had never heard of the store and couldn't believe that people didn't think of the name in sexual terms. Even when I asked local college students about it, they said they didn't think of it as sexual. However, I wasn't alone in my interest in the name since I later learned that Johnny Knoxville wore a Kum & Go t-shirt in Jackass Number Two movie. But I'm getting a little sidetracked so let's get back to the question: Yes, "cumming" is a slang term that refers to orgasm, but usually only the male orgas

Let's Talk About Sex #2: Can Alcohol Kill Bacteria?

So today's blog is going to explore another question from one of my male college students - "Can drinking alcohol after oral kill any bacteria in my mouth?" Wouldn't it be great if you could simply chug a beer or throw back a shot of tequila after giving oral to kill any bacteria? We know that you can become infected with an STI during oral sex in a couple of ways - by giving oral sex to a partner infected with an STI (e.g., you go down on a partner who has a chlamydia infection), by receiving oral sex from a partner who is infected with an STI in their throat (e.g., a partner with a chlamydia infection in their throat goes down on you), or by orally stimulating the anus of a partner who is

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