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Dr. Carroll is a certified personal coach - with certifications from the International Coaching Federation (ACC), Positive Intelligence (CPQC), and the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, & Therapists (CSE), and has been actively involved in these fields for the last 30 years. She believes that sexuality is an integral part of who we are as human beings and that it includes many important aspects of self, including our ability to 


express intimacy, be vulnerable and trust others. Our self-perceptions are shaped by many factors, including our sexual and gender identity, gender roles, and sexual orientation. These, in turn, contribute to our acceptance and enjoyment of our bodies and our relationships. Although coaching can explore issues directly related to one's sexuality, such as improving sexual health, reducing sex guilt, sexual or gender identity, it can also explore more indirect issues, such as improving self-image and self-confidence, overcoming limiting beliefs, finding life purpose, stress management, relationships, life transitions, motivation, and authentic living. Coaching can help you tap into an often unused area of your brain that will enable you to handle stress and challenges in different ways, helping you clarify your priorities, overcome hurdles, recognize blind spots, change self-defeating behaviors, and connect with your personal power and life purpose. 

      Dr. Carroll sees the best in people and uses intuitive, warm, playful, and transformational strategies which can bring about insight, action, and change. Dr. Carroll coaches globally but is based in New England. She offers 1:1 remote coaching, group coaching, as well as message-based coaching through Aura Health (for a free 30-day pass to Aura click here). For coaching availability and pricing, reach out to Dr. Carroll via her website or through this link.



“I began working with Dr. Carroll during my last semester of undergrad, which, as was the reality for so many students across the world, took place during a global pandemic. This meant, among many things, that I was in survival mode: focusing only on external events and tasks, rather than on the internal work that needed to be done. It was only through my sessions with Dr. Carroll that I learned how to cut through the noise and hear my own voice. Dr. Carroll was more than a coach to me; she was a champion of my growth and healing. She held up a mirror to my doubts and allowed me to see my best self instead. Working with Dr. Carroll was a formative experience for me in every sense of the word and I know that I will use the tools we unlocked together for the rest of my life.”  -Gaby

"Working with Dr. Carroll was truly life-changing for me. I have always been a strong person and have fought through some challenging life events. As a result, I developed many loud and obnoxious inner critics. The PQ training with Dr. Carroll gave me access to the tools I needed to quiet my inner critics and find true happiness. Working with her was like talking to an insightful friend. Dr. Carroll's guidance has made a deep lasting impact on my life and I will be eternally grateful for the work we did together." - Patti

"Dr. Carroll is a compassionate and empathetic listener. Her passion to help others is evident in her calm steady approach to working with her clients. She has the intellectual prowess to help guide her clients to understanding and acceptance that is welcoming. After a session with her, you have a feeling of accomplishment and focus for what is needed next. -Jay


"Dr. Carroll has been a true inspiration. I have learned so much from her about myself - what I am passionate about and also what I want to do with my future. It was her genuine, nonjudgmental, and open nature that allowed me to explore whom I was meant to become. Dr. Carroll has the qualities that embody a successful coach: expertise, understanding, sincerity, and compassion. I credit her to helping me find myself and learn how to be successful in my career."  -Olivia

"Having tried other coaches in the past, I was initially skeptical that Dr. Carroll would be any different. I learned very quickly that while some of the techniques seemed familiar, none had felt as personalized to me and my experience as Dr. Carroll's. She helped me to identify areas in which I wasn't even aware I'd become stagnant. While I have always considered myself a positive person, the tools I learned in working with Dr. Carroll challenged me not just to "step out of" my comfort zone, but rather, to broaden it in a way that really inspired me and made my once impossible goals feel attainable."  -Mel

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