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Dr. Carroll has written a highly rated book for young girls about first periods entitled The Day Aunt Flo Comes to Visit. This practical and down-to-earth book answers the questions young girls have about menstruation. Includes a comprehensive review of the biology of menstruation and what to expect. 


The companion book for boys, How Did This Frog Get in My Throat, a practical and accessible guide that answers the questions young boys have about puberty, is now available!  Co-authored with a pediatrician, this is a must-read for boys!

Advance Praise for How Did This Frog:


When my son started going through puberty, I started feeling anxious. I wanted to keep the lines of communication open and be able to answer all of his questions. This book was exactly what we needed! The tone and use of humor was perfect for this age group! Although this can be an awkward and confusing time for many boys, this book helped my son feel prepared and confident. His questions were answered and I was given peace of mind, knowing that he was aware of all that was happening to his body during this time.

Carrie & Cooper N., Simsbury, CT.

To purchase either of these books, visit the link below:

Best Day Media's Big Cartel, $11.95 and $2 S&H  

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