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Saying Goodbye.

Every once in awhile I have a semester that just works better than ever before. I'm not sure why or how this happens, but I love it when it does. Chemistry is important in the classroom and I was lucky enough this semester to have lots of it. I had my fair share of talkative and outgoing students, along with many more quiet and introspective students. They came with varied experiences - there were athletes, sorority women, fraternity men, resident assistants, dance-team members, presidents of student groups, and international students, just to name a few. They had a wide range of majors, including psychology, health science, business, communication, art, criminal justice, biology, journalism, and physical therapy. At the core, the students respected each other. They shared their thoughts and opinions, which resulted in a semester full of discussions. On most days, the class ended before we had finished talking. It's obvious when students start fussing with their backpacks that they are are ready to leave. I'm happy to say that didn't happen much this semester. I'm sure we could have kept talking if it wasn't for other class periods.

So, the semester is ending. I always feel like I have so much more to talk about! As my students move forward in their personal relationships, I hope that they have a better and deeper understanding of who they are and the influences and experiences that have helped to shape them. I want them to be confident and comfortable talking about sexuality, and I want them to respect themselves and their partners.

It's too bad there isn't a RATE MY STUDENTS website. If there were, I'd give my students a solid 5. Let's hope I get another awesome group of students next semester. And to all of you who are finishing up my courses this semester, I'm going to miss you!

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