Let's Talk About Sex #6: Vaginal Discharge: What's Normal?

I have a vivid memory of my daughter coming home from high school one day telling me that she learned vaginal discharge was a sign of a sexually transmitted infection. A long conversation ensued in which we discussed STIs, vaginal discharge, and high school sex ed classes. I was frustrated and dismayed that students were being taught that all vaginal discharge is bad. Today's question brought back these feelings of frustration. The answer is no, a gooey discharge during ovulation is probably not a yeast infection. The vagina naturally cleans itself by expelling vaginal fluids and this is perfectly normal. These fluids comes from the uterus, cervix, and vagina and carry dead cells and bacteri

Let's Talk About Sex #5: Why Can't I Reach Orgasm?

Today's question is about female orgasm, or the lack thereof. I wish I could ask this student for more information - when she feels the orgasm building, why does she tell her partner to stop? What is she worried about? Losing control? Being vulnerable? Looking funny? (let's face it, orgasm faces can be pretty funny!) It actually sounds like it's an anxiety issue that is interfering with her orgasm. If she could find a way to talk to her partner and relax, she would probably be able to get there. But she is not alone! Studies have found that between 10-20% of women have never had an orgasm (either with a partner or by themselves). Why might this be? Well, there are many possible reasons. Fi

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